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Welcome to JamieFlynnBASE.com. This is the place where you can read about some of the antics Jamie gets up to as he weaves his way through life. Jamie loves to travel and meet new people in various situations which are sometimes questionable; He is a very Passionate BASE Jumper & Skydiver with thousands of jumps all over the World. But has a long history of other sports he has excelled in such as Skateboarding, Climbing, Running, Mounteneering, Skiing, Rugby Union and Shooting. Jamie is a very proud former member of the British Army serving 8 years with The Parachute Regiment.

Read these blogs and be aware most things said on here will be "tongue in cheek" and very dry and sometimes dark humour, very sarcastic and possibly a fair amount of swear words, booze & partial nudity. If you're easily offended please STOP reading. You have been warned!

If you're still reading and want to follow Jamie's story through his Vagabond Life & see the way that he is living his dream... there will be regular posts on here, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. If you're here just to criticise, or bitch Jamie kindly requests that you "Go Fuck yourselves" in the nicest possible way of course...

Jamie believes "Good things in life are meant to be shared" and lives by the mantra "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step".


So thank you again for checking out JamieFlynnBASE.com.


"The only limits are the ones we set ourselves"

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