BASE Birthday

18th July 2009 i made my First BASE Jump off a 470ft power tower in the UK and since then i've made over 1000 BASE Jumps! I honestly didn't expect any of this. BASE Jumping made me who i am today and its my hobby, sport, job that i really love and i am passionate about.

I've learnt that it's about the journey, not the destination and what a rollercoaster ride this has been. I've met some of the most truly amazing people from all walks of life, some are no longer with us, some have left the sport and gone on to other things while some are still charging harder than ever. All of whom i'm proud to call my friends. I have of course met some of the most childish vindictive people too along the way but everyone who has been part of my journey has made it what it has been and for that i will always be grateful.

I've made my mistakes along the way no one is perfect. I try and promote our sport professionally and in a positive light. I am proud to be a BASE Jumper; This sport has made me who i am today. I love the people who do it - it attracts a certain kind of person. I love what it is we do in the mountains and in the cities around the world. Im a traveller at heart and always will be, i can't sit still for one minute. I'm never trying to be better than anyone else but i am trying to be better a better me.

So here is to the start of my 8th year BASE Jumping - Lets Do this!

"A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step..."


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