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Sponsorship; The New Year and beyond...

Without sponsorship and the use of Social Media, what I do would be a lot harder or near on impossible to keep this dream of mine alive. I am forever grateful for everyone who have supported me and all my sponsors over the years and I just want to tip my hat to them today before the end of the year and especially to the sponsors who are going to help me throughout the 2017 season.

I strongly believe that you should only be sponsored or supported by companies that you fully 100% believe in. Believing fully in the company and the products they are selling is paramount for numerous reasons and I can say I believe in all my sponsors which is why i recommend said products to you my friends and family.

Firstly a huge thank you to Dan Wyner, Bob Burbank, Michael De Leon, Sean Veck and the rest of the G-Form team for the continued support over the years. G-Form are currently my main Sponsor. I've worked with G-Form since 2011 when the company was small and watching it grow has been amazing and G-Form is something I really believe in. 2016 saw the G-Form BASE Team grow with the addition of Matt Blank who has added so much to the team, since forming the team Matt has become one of my best friends and we have had some wild adventures already and there is still so much more to come in 2017. If you don't already know G-Form make protective pads that absorb impact using RPT technology unlike the generic hard shell pads that will break on impact G-Form uses Rate-Dependent Technology which stiffens on impact to dissipate the energy; SCIENCE is awesome! G-Form are comfortable and reliable and I highly recommend them for any sport especially BASE Jumping in the mountains or in the urban environment. for more info or if you want to buy some G-Forms go to www.G-Form.com and for reading my blog and helping me show appreciation to the guys who help me live my dream you can use jamiebase15 for 20% off. Merry Christmas!

I've worked with Hitcase for a few years now nearly from the beginning. So I really need to tip my hat to Mark Zealand and Brooks Bergreen for the continued support, they do a lot for me, more than they know. 2017 will be a good year for hitcase I am sure. Hitcase is a phone case that turns your iPhone into a badass camera with different lens that you can also clip onto yourself and jump or do whatever with. Facebook and Instagram has seen the rise in iPhone photography so adding a Hitcase to the mix you can really make you ready for adventure. This is the iAdventure film we shot a couple of years ago but is still so awesome! check it out and the fact that every shot was shot with the iPhone is pretty damn awesome! So when the iPhone 7 hitcase comes out...standby for something EPIC! Iif you have an iPhone go get one at www.hitcase.com.

Bob's Watches are a new addition to my team; They just came on board last month and have been a great support already. So I have to thank Paul Altieri and Evelyn Tapia believing in me that I would make a good ambassador for Bob's Watches. Bob’s Watches is the largest and most trusted name in pre-owned luxury watches and jewelry including Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Panerai, Cartier, Tiffany and more. Founded in 1999, Bob's has become the ultimate destination for consumers looking to buy, sell, or trade certified pre-owned Rolex watches, attaining a BBB A+ rating, 5/5 stars in Ekomi, and has been quoted and featured in the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Inc Magazine, Internet Retailer and the OC Register.

We picked the Rolex Explorer II for me to wear at all my events due to my lifestyle of wanting to live life to the full. here is what Paul Altieri wrote in the companies recent blog:-

"Because of his lifestyle, we picked the Rolex Explorer II to be his trusty companion. The robust Rolex watch is made specifically for men just like Jamie Flynn. You know the kind. The ones that willingly jump off of tall buildings and flying planes, or scale insanely high peaks just because. The original Rolex Explorer was made for men just like that. In fact, the very first Explorer was a tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay—the daredevils of their day—to honor their historic climb to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. The Explorer II is the modern interpretation of that vintage Rolex and perfectly suited for today’s thrill seekers like Jamie Flynn." check out more at www.bobswatches.com.

Urban Fitness Club in Vancouver, Canada are also a new addition to my team have been kicking my ass for a few months now to get me fit again. I said in various Facebook posts that in Skydiving and BASE Jumping you don't necessarily need to be physically fit but it sure does help. In the last year I've lost so much weight which in turn has improved my flying and well being. I still suffer from severe pain from my accident and I do come across some hurdles when working out with issues with my bionic elbow and my completely destroyed ankle but coming to the gym is helping me so much, and this club really cares for its members, its almost like an extended family.

Now this isn't a gym you would imagine because I really hate going to gyms that have too many machines being hogged by meatheads taking photos of their abs in the mirror or girls putting the special halo snapchat filter on their selfies. The Urban Fitness Club has no machines, no free weights and best of all no mirrors, oh and the classes are so hard that you have no time to take a selfies plus you would be a dripping mess anyway and no one wants to see that! Instead its a gym that focuses on Insanity style workouts, battle ropes, medicine balls, tyres, TRX and body weight training which is actually really fun. But I can tell you I'm a dripping mess every day I go! So thank you Eric Marcina for helping me towards my goals and If you're in Vancouver and need to workout you should consider this gyms www.urbanfitnessclub.com.

Ontop of my sponsorship's i am also supported by a few companies that help me out and I'd like to quickly mention them as well.

Even tho not officially sponsored I truly believe in Squirrel and they have helped me out a lot, including with some up and coming projects which will be awesome, more to come in the new year on this subject! Stay tuned... but needless to say 2017 is going to be a good year. Squirrel have come on leaps and bounds since they have started with the wing suits and parachutes that are fantastic. I currently fly an Aura2 & CR+, Epicene 130 for skydiving and an Outlaw Light 240 and Stronglite for BASE jumping. Mike Steen & Matt Gerdes thank you and keep making good stuff I love it!

SAFEish & BC Boys are a couple of clothing companies that are run by truly amazing people and provide me with some awesome clothes to wear. SAFEish is run by one awesome BASE Jumper that needs more recognition for what he does for the sport as a whole. Tom Grayson is an all round badass and a good friend who is trying to keep his SAFEish dream alive. So head over to his website and show some support and buy something - everything he sells is awesome and SAFEish!!! www.safeish.com

BC Boys is another brand that has been supporting me with some cool clothes with the hashtag #LovingWhereWeLive need I say more.... British Columbia is a truly amazing and beautiful place, if you haven't visited what are you waiting for... if you have get over and show these guys some love www.bcboys.ca

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