"Don't let the things you can't do, stop you from doing the things you can"

After an EPIC AGM party in Nottingham, UK and yes I mean EPIC! I had to hot foot it back to London, grab my ski's and catch a plane to Canada ready for some epic Skiing over the next month or so before heading back to Europe on a BASE trip and to do some work again, I am excited!

In parts of Canada "Family Day" specifically BC (British Columbia) yesterday was a statutory holiday occurring on second Monday in February, which means everyone gets a day off to go spend time with their families. Interesting thing about Canada and again specifically BC is that they have a holiday every month minus March & June - Not bad... Eh!

Obviously being British I've never had this holiday before and my family being back in the UK I spent it with Crystal & My friends skiing, climbing and drinking! Whistler was offering half price ski passes this weekend so we envisioned it to be ram packed and unmanageable so instead with headed south to the good ole US of A and went to Mt Baker - which was indeed pretty damn awesome! We left at 7am and got to the boarder for about 8am and I was surprised how easy it was, as I thought it was going to be a nightmare with all thats happening with the political bullshit. But nope the boarder agency were super friendly.

We got to Mt Baker and pretty much skied all day, lift passes were dirt cheap, it wasn't that busy even with a huge competition on and we got to even play with some fresh Powder! Getting back to Canada wasn't too bad either; but getting back to the City we were totally exhausted but a great thing is Canada now has Nando's!!!!! so a cheeky nandos a couple of beers and going to bed early was on the cards, ready for skiing at Mt Seymour and climbing the next days!

Pancakes with bacon & Maple syrup before grabbing a Tim Hortons double double then straight to the climbing gym. I've not climbed since before my accident in 2013!! so this was going to be difficult for sure! I went with the intention of just top roping but ended up doing my lead test to get it out the way... which was so scary especially with the injuries I still carry. My ankle is still destroyed and I get pain daily so putting alot of pressure on it hurts like hell, my elbow still isn't strong and the plate I have in my shoulder limits the range of motion. But I don't want to stop doing these cool activities so I have started saying this quote to myself over the last couple of years:-

"Don't let the things you can't do, stop you from doing the things you can"

Like I said this was my first "Family Day Weekend" so thank you to everyone who made it fun and memorable. Thank you to all my sponsors who keep believing in me with the work I am doing especially G-Form, Hitcase & Bob's Watches. Thank you to all my supporting brands too including a couple of new ones. Urban Fitness Club, Movement Food, SAFEish, Saxx Underwear & Zeal Optics.

Big Thank you all for reading my Blog and helping me keep my dream alive, if you like this please share, like, subscribe, comment (links are below) and until the next Vagabond Blog entry - Much Love People!


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