My BEST VLOG YET... well I am trying to improve them everytime and I am really starting to enjoy making them, the whole process is becoming a nice little hobby of mine! So I hope you enjoy them... If this is the first one you have seen and you like it, go back and check my others - My wedding VLOG is actually pretty hilarious too. So here is the Link to the series VLOG Season 1.

The Chief is one of the Iconic landmarks in Beautiful British Columbia and Squamish is the epicentre of extreme sports. The Chief offers some of the best bouldering, climbing, slider up and slider down BASE jumping. This season I have been training on the Chief in my Freak with Braden Dean and we have been having a blast! so here is VLOG_005 of what we have been up to this summer so far. If you like the video help a brother out and Like, Share & Subscribe - your support goes along way to being able to continue to make videos like this!

Thanks Again!



Crystal Flynn (My Wife)


Craig Hall

Additional camera:

Devin Olsen (Drone)

Suz Graham

Vicente Cajiga


Sandcastles - Adam Jensen (ToWonder x Severo Remix)

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